Photos from GoldStone Farms

Butternut squash - September, 2020 

Gardening, Spring 2020 #covidgardening

Carrot flowers, spring 2017 (carrots were planted early fall, 2016)

Figs, fresh from the tree! Late August , 2016 

Hibiscus, July 2016


Oriental Lily, July 2016

Bok Choy 

late June, 2016, Daylily 



Bread and Wine fan 

Crocus, March 2016 

Helleborus - March 2016 

First seedlings - 4 varieties of basil, end of February, 2016

late July, 2015 
Phlox, Echinacea, Lirope

Baby bok choy , late June 2015 (2nd crop)

Cherries, early June 2015 

Tomatoes in grow bags . Very late May 2015. 
Keeping the plants safe from black walnut trees! 
Raised (in grow bags) and salt hay to prevent leaves and flower 
heads of walnut trees from touching the plants.  

Peony, 2015 

Laurel (not an edible variety)

Azalea, May 2015  

April 2015

First Crocus, March 2015

Forsythia hedge, very early spring 

Spring 2014

Beer Can Chicken a'la Fred

Chili Peppers, 2014 

Fig tree, with maple in background. Frost is expected soon, fruit is just about finished for this year. Oct 2014
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Hydrangea, mop head variety, mid summer, late afternoon 
Aster, Summer 2014 with pollinator 

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