Passover (no kitniyot)

Passover Recipes

We follow the Ashkenaz tradition; therefore, recipes will have no "kitniyot" (beans, rice, seeds) but might contain gebrucht (matzah meal).

Shaved Fennel-Orange Salad

Mafrum: meat stuffed potato in savory tomato sauce
Matzah kugel with Onion Confit (pareve)
Stuffed Grape Leaves (quinoa, gluten free)

Almond-Butter Chip Cookies (gluten free, vegan)
Almond Citrus Cookies (pareve, gluten free)
Assorted Passover Sweets from 2014Chocolate Coconut Cupcakes (pareve, gluten free)
Passover Brownies (pareve, gluten free)
Coconut-Cinnamon Macaroons (pareve, gluten free)
Lemon Chiffon Layer Cake 
Fudgey Chocolate-Chocolate Chip Cookies (pareve, gluten free)
Orange Flan (Flan de naranja) pareve
Frozen Peach Sorbet (non dairy, use Pesach liquor)
Quinoa Bar Cookies (pareve, gluten free)


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