Web Sources for cooking ingredients and equipment AND gardening seed/plant sources

The following is a list of reliable mail order sources. Its certainly not a complete list, but is a helpful start for those of us who find on-line and mail order shopping a desired resource.

This is a personal list, I have no relationship to any of these sites.

For flour and all baking goods:


Nuts and Dried Fruit:

Flavoring, extracts:

Syrups, extracts:

Pereg Spices

Preserves and Lemon Curd (the lemon curd is dairy) :
Blake Hill Preserves     http://blakehillpreserves.com/

Maple Syrup, maple sugar (organic and kosher)

King Arthur Flour weight/measurement chart:

Gardening Supplies - for those who try to provide their own "farm to market" produce
I order from a variety of sources. All have both conventional and organic seeds. I've found them to be responsive, practical and knowledgeable gardening advisers.

John Scheepers Garden Seeds

Renee's Garden

Seed Saver's Exchange (non profit)

The Cooks Garden (a division of Burpees Seeds)

The Strawberry Store

White Flower Farm


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