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Pandemic Era Sourdough Loaf

Pandemic Era Sourdough Loaf   This recipe make one large size loaf                                                                                                 (Recipe is modified loaf from Maurizio Leo , The Perfect Loaf, “Sourdough with AP flour”)  This loaf is one of the millions of loaves made all over the world while the world is mostly shut down and we're all home baking. History books will make note #pandemic baking #bakinginthetimeofcovid #covidbaking as the moment non-celiac individuals rediscovered the wonders of gluten.  ·          You can make this loaf with all AP flour. We liked the texture and taste of this version with wheat and rye. ·           T his loaf is made in a regular loaf pan with good results.  For photos showing the same bread baked in a covered Staub round Dutch oven, see the end of the posting.  Don’t skip the steps, this is the procedure I use for almost all sour dough bread. It’s a combination of several baker’s techniques, and it alm