Yeast Cake Roll (Pastry dough) with chocolate or cinnamon or chocolate-orange filling

This yeast cake is flaky and pareve. Perfect with a cup of coffee, not too sweet as a breakfast treat. 
The recipe is a variation of "Coffee Cake Dough" by Ginsberg and Berg (Inside the Jewish Bakery). 

I love the recipes in Inside the Jewish Bakery, but at the same time I prefer my bake goods to be pareve.  Try the recipe once and see if you miss the butter. 

This dough needs a strong prolonged kneading period, you should use a Kitchenaid or electric mixer.
Mixing bowl  
Measuring spoons , cups
Rolling pin 
Frosting spreader or butter knife
Baking sheet , lined with baking parchment 

  • The method for making the dough is somewhere between a cake dough and a yeast dough. It's not hard to make, but will need an extended kneading period at speed 2 or 3 on the stand mixer (8-10 minutes). 
  • Once the dough is made it will need a 45- 60 minute proofing (rising) period. It can be covered and placed in the fridge to rise if you find you have other things to do.  If you chill the dough, allow about an hour to come to room temperature and continue to assemble the cake.
  • The assembly will remind some of you of making rugelach; however, the dough will handle somewhat like pie dough. 
  • There is no second proofing, so preheat the oven while you are assembling the cake rolls and pop in the oven once you've fully assembled. 

1/2 c granulated sugar
1/2 tsp kosher salt
1/3 c coconut oil
2 large egg + 1 yolk
1 large egg white (for egg wash)
2/3 c water
2 1/3 c all purpose flour
2 1/4 tsp instant yeast
Optional: if you are making a chocolate orange filling, add 1- 1.5 tsp orange oil to the dough.

Filling 1
1 can cake filling (e.g. chocolate shmear, cinnamon shmear, nutella,  Israeli chocolate spread, etc,) . For schmears - use the 8 oz can. All of the spreads are easier to work with if you warm them a bit - you want a very thin layer of filling.  If you have left over spread, wrap it and store in the fridge and use as you might jam for cookies or toast. 
1 cup brown sugar 
1 cup sliced almonds

Chocolate-Orange filling option 2:
Substitute the single flavor filling for a combination of orange marmalade and chocolate smear. Warm the mixture a bit to spread. For 2 loaves I used about 10 oz of the mixed spread.
Brown sugar and almonds as above.

  • combine the flour and yeast in a small bowl, set aside
  • cream the coconut oil and sugar, beat well until fluffy
  • add the whole egg plus yolk and salt, continue mixing 
  • add the water
  • add the flour/yeast mixture 
  • beat at speed 2 or 3 until the entire dough holds together and comes away from the side of the bowl, this could take up to 8-10 minutes 

  • cover the dough and set aside to proof for 45-60 minutes 
  • if you do not plan to complete the baking project at this time, place in the fridge and chill for up to 12 hours, remove from fridge and let the dough come to room temperature (about 45-60 minutes)

  • the proofed dough will be puffy and smooth 
  • gently fold and de-gas 
  • divide the dough in half 
  • preheat the oven to 350 degrees 

  • cover the piece of dough you are not working with
  • dust the work surface with flour and roll out the dough to a thin sheet (approximately 20"x 12") 

  •  spread 1/2 of the spread  over the dough in a thin layer, leaving a border of about 1 inch along all sides
  • sprinkle 1/4- 1/3 c sliced almonds on top of the spread
  • sprinkle about 1/4 c brown sugar on top of the spread-almonds 

  • begin rolling up the dough along the long edge
  • flatten the roll as you move it along 
  • if necessary, use a flexible scraper to help move the dough along  

  • fold in the end piece, it will help form a better shaped log 
  • continue to roll and flatten the roll 

  • finish rolling, the seam should be on the bottom, flatten a bit with your palm
  • repeat with the process with 2nd dough portion  

  •  use the rolling pin to create an indentation running down the center of the log 

  • brush the egg white onto both logs 

  •  sprinkle almonds and brown sugar (about 1/4 c of each) , do not cut through or across the entire log 
  • place in middle shelf of the oven 
  • bake 30-35 minutes 
  • cool, loosely cover and store at room temperature for up to 3 days or store in the refrigerator 

Apricot Cinnamon Babka Ring

  • for longer storage, double wrap and freeze 

 Filling variation: chocolate spread/orange marmalade. 

Looking for something a bit more "cakey?"  Try Bread and Babka's  Apricot Cinnamon Babka Ring


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