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Yeast Cake Roll (Pastry dough) with chocolate or cinnamon or chocolate-orange filling

This yeast cake is flaky and pareve. Perfect with a cup of coffee, not too sweet as a breakfast treat.  The recipe is a variation of "Coffee Cake Dough" by Ginsberg and Berg ( Inside the Jewish Bakery ).  I love the recipes in Inside the Jewish Bakery, but at the same time I prefer my bake goods to be pareve.  Try the recipe once and see if you miss the butter.  Equipment:  This dough needs a strong prolonged kneading period, you should use a Kitchenaid or electric mixer. Mixing bowl   Measuring spoons , cups Rolling pin  Frosting spreader or butter knife Baking sheet , lined with baking parchment  Choreography : The method for making the dough is somewhere between a cake dough and a yeast dough. It's not hard to make, but will need an extended kneading period at speed 2 or 3 on the stand mixer (8-10 minutes).  Once the dough is made it will need a 45- 60 minute proofing (rising) period. It can be covered and placed in the fridge to ris