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Frozen Peach Dessert (peach non-dairy ice "cream")

Frozen Peach Dessert  Its summer, it's hot (3rd day of a heat advisory in our area) and Shabbat is coming. We've been living without a working kitchen for months, but now that we're back in the kitchen, even with air conditioning,  it's unpleasant to bake.  We purchased a container of Trader Joe's non-dairy cherry-chocolate chunk non dairy frozen dessert, but there are gorgeous, slightly under-ripe peaches in our fridge. There is no crime to have two flavors of non dairy ice cream for dessert, is there?  I made this frozen dessert with unsweetened almond-coconut milk. I would think you can use your favorite (soy? rice? hemp? almond?) . The consistency of this peach dessert is not creamy or smooth,  it's more reminiscent of a chunky fruit sorbet. The yield is a bit more than a quart.  Plan ahead and keep your ingredients very cold: Making frozen ice cream, sorbet, ices, non-dairy ice "cream" in a regular ice cream maker requi