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Lemon Chiffon Layer Cake for Passover

This cake is inspired by a Lemon Chiffon Cake recently posted by  Melissa Clark of the New York Times.  I love Passover sponge cake. I cannot say the same for my kids and so I'm hoping that they will suspend their bias and try this cake- it is really wonderful.  The cake reminds me of a Passover sponge cake, although it uses only egg whites, so it actually is a Passover cake-meal stabilized meringue.  The cake, as described here is a lemon layer cake, it can be  modified to be a vanilla/chocolate layer cake or a vanilla/orange layer cake (see suggestions for modifications at the end).  Choreography:    The cake is mixed and baked in about 90 minutes. It should be chilled, 4 hours- overnight before filling. Chill to set for at least an hour before serving. Separate the eggs and whip to create a meringue Sprinkle the cake meal over the flavored meringue and blend with a silicone spatula Bake and cool the cake completely Make the filling (if you are making a