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Apple Cake

This cake has a long pedigree. I adapted it from Babette Friedman's Apple Cake featured in the New York Times (2008), she, in turn, had adapted it from Daniel Rose. It's delicious, moist and freezes well, which makes it a winner in my book.  Yield: 1 cake Equipment: 1 tube pan mixing spoons, cups silicone scraper  electric mixer , mixing bowl Choreography : The cake has three components: sliced fruit, sugar topping and the batter. Cut up and prep the fruit first. Make the cinnamon-sugar topping and set aside and then prepare the batter. The apples are prepped with a bit of Apple Jack or Apple Brandy.  We have easy access to Laird's Apple Jack, a distilled liquor that has been made in New Jersey since the late 1600's. Laird's and local non-alcoholic cider are traditional agricultural products in our county. Fruit: Mix the following and set aside peel, core and slice 3 large apples (I like to mix the apples, always using one Granny Smith and then either