Quick to make "Creamsicle" (orange-vanilla) Sorbet

It's warm outside and if you're lucky enough have freezer space to keep the mixing bowl of an ice cream maker frozen, then you can enjoy this sorbet within an hour.  Some of the richer ice creams and complicated sorbet bases require mixing, heating and cooling. Some, but not this one!

The base of this sorbet is a can of room-temperature coconut milk (light or regular, but NOT canned coconut cream). Add sugar, orange juice, a bit of flavor-boosting and your more than halfway there. Use either fresh or NON-reconstituted juice or a combination of both. Reconstituted OJ just doesn't work as well as a flavoring component in this recipe; small flecks of fruit make it visually interesting and more delicious. I prefer LorAnn oil bakery emulsion as the flavor enhancer, but don't let that stop you, extracts will work.

This sorbet scoops well with or without the optional addition of a tablespoon of vodka.

a mixing bowl or 4 cup measuring cup for mixing
mixing spoon, measuring spoon, measuring cup
ice cream maker of your choice

1 can (about 13 oz) coconut milk at room temperature
1/2 cup granulated sugar
Approximately 1-1/4 cup orange juice - preferable at room temperature
2 tsp vanilla extract or vanilla bakery emulsion from LorAnn Oils
2 tsp orange extract or orange bakery emulsion from LorAnn Oils
1 Tbsp vodka (optional)

1. Combine the sugar and coconut milk. Mix well, the sugar must disperse into the liquid.
2. Add the orange juice to equal 3 cups of liquid. Mix well, make sure there is no sugar settling at the bottom of the mixing bowl.
3. Mix in the flavorings.
4. Chill in a freezer for 30-45 minutes.
5. Pour into a chilled mixing bowl of your ice cream maker and process according to directions.
6. OPTIONAL: when the mixture is just about ready (thick, slushy) add the vodka and continue to mix.
7. The sorbet will be the consistency of soft-serve, I like to freeze it for an additional hour or two before serving. Let the sorbet stand at room temperature for a few minutes for easy-scooping.


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