Shaved Fennel- Orange Salad

I avoided using fennel bulbs for a long time, mostly because it smells like licorice (think: GoodnPlenty Candy) and I really really don't like licorice. It turns out that the odor is stronger than the taste, and fennel adds a great crunchy element into a green salad.

The salad ingredients here are more proportion than a recipe. Fennel blends beautifully with citrus and this salad has citrus fruit (oranges) as well as a citrusy-lemon-olive oil-cumin dressing. The dressing is a simplified Syrian-Jewish cumin salad dressing.

The prep does take a few minutes, so I have started to prep and chill the salad components several hours before serving. Several weeks ago I prepped the ingredients prior to Shabbat and dropped the unassembled salad components to the home of friends where we were invited to Shabbat lunch. The "kit" worked very well when mixed 24 hours later.

Equal amounts of thinly shaved fennel bulb, mixed baby greens and peeled, sectioned oranges.
A few very thin slices red onion (optional)

Freshly squeezed lemon juice and a very fruity olive oil (proportion of approximately 3:2)
Ground cumin, to taste (start off with 1/4 tsp and go from there) .

1 Use a mandolin, if you have one, to thinly slice the fennel and red onion. Bag the vegetables separately in zip lock bags and chill if you are not using immediately
2. I use boxed mixed baby greens
3. I've tried several different types of oranges including clementines, mandarin and blood oranges. The blood oranges are by far the most interesting for their taste and color. Peel, section and half each section. Store in a zip lock bag until you mix the salad ingredients.
4. Dress at the last minute, this salad doesn't improve by marinating the vegetables and fruit.

Prepare the salad ingredients
Mix the dressing ingredients, shake well (taste to correct)
Dress the salad and toss
Serve chilled

For another easy to make delicious salad, try my version of Waldorf Salad


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