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Cheese Filled Babka (Apricot- Cheese or Chocolate- Cheese)

Babka comes in so many variations it would be a hard to list them all. I usually bake non-dairy babka, and this recipe started out as my seeking a non-dairy babka-like dough that could be braided or have a braid-like effect. After several iterations, inspiration from a King Arthur flour lemon braid and feedback from friends, the recipe evolved into a delicious not-too-sweet apricot-cheese filled babka. I guess I've figured out what recipe I'll bake for Shavuot lunch this year. Choreography: This project takes about 4.5 hours from start to finish. There is an extended 90 minute first proofing and a shorter 30 minute second proof period. Otherwise, you'll be involved in prep and baking. I sometimes pay attention to having ingredients at specific temperatures and found that in this recipe it really does matter. If you have no time to bring your eggs to room temperature, submerge them in warm tap water for 3-4 minutes. The cheeses will blend easily if brought to room

Shaved Fennel- Orange Salad

I avoided using fennel bulbs for a long time, mostly because it smells like licorice (think: GoodnPlenty Candy) and I really really don't like licorice. It turns out that the odor is stronger than the taste, and fennel adds a great crunchy element into a green salad. The salad ingredients here are more proportion than a recipe. Fennel blends beautifully with citrus and this salad has citrus fruit (oranges) as well as a citrusy-lemon-olive oil-cumin dressing. The dressing is a simplified Syrian-Jewish cumin salad dressing. The prep does take a few minutes, so I have started to prep and chill the salad components several hours before serving. Several weeks ago I prepped the ingredients prior to Shabbat and dropped the unassembled salad components to the home of friends where we were invited to Shabbat lunch. The "kit" worked very well when mixed 24 hours later. Ingredients : Salad:  Equal amounts of thinly shaved fennel bulb, mixed baby greens and peeled, sectio