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"Buttermilk" type biscuits (non-dairy, vegan)

This year my Thanksgiving "assignment" was biscuits and cornbread. A non-dairy cornbread didn't present any difficulty and a year ago, with some experimentation I found that its possible to bake a baking powder biscuit that mimics buttermilk biscuits by using a vegan milk substitute and both baking powder and soda. This biscuit is simpler than the baking powder/baking soda combination I use fo r Cheese & Veggie Bacon biscuits   s andwiches. In this version I used self-rising flour, shortening and soy milk with a bit of vinegar to further acidify the soy milk. The dough must be handled gently and as little as possible.  I made the biscuits using a biscuit cutter and found that by baking them in a round cake pan the dough rose better than on a cookie sheet. I'm assuming that the additional heat along the walls of the pan, surrounding the biscuits, helped them rise a bit more. They are not as substantial as the biscuits used for sandwiches. After several

Asparagus- Ricotta Ravioli (using pre-made wrappers)

Ravioli made with pre-made frozen ravioli dough  Sometimes I'm looking for an interesting dinner but I don't want to work quite that hard. This dish was made during the week, on a work night. I used shortcuts including ravioli wrappers instead of home-made dough and a jar of good quality sauce (vodka sauce in this case). I did not use a ravioli maker - the equipment I used is quite basic. In a pinch you can use won-ton wrappers, although the resulting dumplings will have less "body" than typical ravioli. (See photo at the end of the recipe, which shows this recipe made with won-ton wrappers.) Its difficult to find interesting filled pasta in the ready-made kosher freezer aisle, so give ravioli making a try. The sky is the limit with fillings you can create and you do not need a ravioli form or maker. I crimped some of the ravioli with a fork, the others between my fingers. They all held together equally well after using an egg-white wash The bagu