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Mixed Berry Tart (vegan)

This tart tastes as great as it looks!  An astounding 93% of gardeners who grow fruits or vegetables grow tomatoes. Tomatoes are great- you ask anyone who grows them about how their garden "did this summer," and you get the tomato saga ; great, not so great, a weird disease, which varieties, whether they should or should not have sprayed, the story goes on. Why do I start a post about a berry tart with tomatoes? Because this year our 3 year old blackberry plants (they really aren't bushes - they grow as canes, the fruit is produced on new growth) created an incredible screen of gorgeous leaves, flowers and then finally incredible (and numerous!) fruit. I admit it: I didn't care that it wasn't the best year for our tomatoes (another story).  We have developed a morning ritual of picking fresh blackberries for most of August, and will probably have berries through Labor Day. We also grow a few "everbearing" strawberry plants as well as alpin

Blueberry Crumb Spice Cake

Summertime blueberries  (New Jersey Fresh!) , cinnamon and spice and incredible crumb topping ........delicious at any time of day. This cake is lightly adapted from a great blueberry cake found in Paula Shoyer's cookbook, The Kosher Baker and my favorite crumb recipe, adapted from Melissa Clark's Rhubarb Crumb Cake (New York Times, June 2007). Combining the two proved that sometimes the whole is greater than the sum of it's parts. Choreography:  The cake is made in two steps. Make the crumb first and set aside. The crumb can be made several hours before you intend to make the cake.  In an effort to speed the process, I've tried to make the crumb, cover in an airtight container and freeze the unbaked crumb. I found that the texture was affected slightly and wouldn't recommend it; however, making the crumb several hours before using it won't harm it at all. When you are ready to make the cake, the fruit filling is prepared before you assemble the cake