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Maple-Walnut Rugelach (pareve)

Rugelach is usually filled with fruit flavored preserves or chocolate  - flavors more commonly associated with Eastern European baking. This version of rugelach is non-dairy (pareve) and filled with an "American" flavor combination- maple and walnuts. The recipe is loosely based on one given to me by my cousin Nancy, who was an exceptional baker. Her freezer was full of beautiful (and delicious) perfectly formed cookies and pastry. The dough is a yeast dough, although it requires very little proofing time - so don't let the use of yeast scare you away from making this cookie. Choreography:  Rugelach is a shaped cookie that is made with a high-fat dough that is rolled out into a thin sheet, spread with filling, and rolled up.  The dough can be rolled into a rectangle or circle; the rolled cookie dough can be shaped into small crescents or rectangles. It's best to work quickly because the fat source (margarine, butter, sour cream or cream cheese) will soften the

Chard patties with garlic-pesto-yogurt sauce

Chard Patties with Garlic-Pesto Yogurt Sauce  (vegetable patties lightly adapted from Ottolenghi's Plenty , Chronicle Books, 2011) It's been too hot to cook anything complicated and a trip to the local Farmer's market today yielded some beautiful yellow-stalked chard today.  I also happened to make some peach ice cream and so we decided that meat was out.  Fred checked out some Ottolenghi recipes because chard is often used in Middle Eastern and Syrian dishes. He found this one and we organized a really delicious dairy dinner in under and hour.  I do want to give a shout out to the farmers markets that dot the northeastern states at this time of year, they are an inspiration to gardener's, cooks and environmentalists.  Ottolenghi suggests this dish as an appetizer, we added a portion of pasta and served it as a light dinner.  Equipment: cutting board, knives 2 large pots for boiling the chard and pasta  large bowl for mixing