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Pastrami Hash Blintzes (Breakfast for Dinner!)

All the components of a great breakfast for dinner: hash and pancakes! Blintzes: cheese, potato, or fruit filled are great at any time of the day. These blintzes have a meat, potato and onion filling - making them a great option for...any time of the day!  Think corned beef hash, eggs, and pancakes! Blintzes (the stuffed crepe-like pancake) are the Eastern European Jewish version of the flat, crepe-like stuffed pancake commonly found throughout Eastern and Central Europe.  The un-stuffed pancake itself has a specific Yiddish word: bletlach, which are unleavened wheat-based thin pancakes.  And although it's interesting to think of a food as particularly "Jewish," blintzes are are related to blini (Russian), palacinka (Slovakian, Czech, Ukrainian),  palacsinta (Hungarian), and   naleĊ›nik (Polish).  Most people are familiar with the frozen blintzes that have a higher ratio of bletlach to filling. They can be fried, baked, covered with a milk-egg mixture to