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Pumpkin Samsa (Bukaharian- Uzbek baked vegetarian dumplings)

Vegetarian Samsa Adapted from Gil Mark's Olive Trees and Honey . Wiley 2005  Bukharian Jews are an ancient Jewish community from Central Asia. They have a distinct culture and like Jewish communities throughout the world developed a Jewish-Persian dialect called Bukhori.  The community remained isolated over the centuries, with short periods of time that they enjoyed safety and flourished. Over time they dropped their Persian-Jewish practices and with exposure to traveling scholars from Ottoman Palestine began practicing Judaism in the Sephardi tradition. After the Russian Revolution of 1917 an exodus began, speeding up after World War II. The community has almost completely relocated to Israel and parts of the United States, with remnant communities existing in Tashkent (Uzbekestan) and Dushanbe (Tajikistan). The community in Dushanbe was almost totally destroyed in the early 2000's; the majority of the community has emigrated.  Dumplings are a deliciou