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Thanksgiving Sweet Potato Dinner Rolls with Dried Apples and Pumpkin Seeds

This bread recipe yields a sweet, soft baked bread-roll with a subtle combination of fall's favorite flavors: sweet potato,maple, apple and pumpkin seeds. The resulting dinner rolls are really delicious.  This recipe is a variation of challah - the dough is enriched with eggs and oil. The rolls are wonderful served with Roasted Pumpkin Soup  . Choreography: The dough requires 2 rising periods of one hour each and is easier to make using an electric mixer rather than hand kneading. This is an easy bread to create, the trick will be to knead it well enough to develop the gluten to support the heavier than usual ingredients. Boil 2-3 small sweet potatoes, cool, peel and mash Make the bread dough, allow to rise for an hour  De-gas, hand knead briefly, shape rolls Allow a second rising for about an hour Bake and cool before separating rolls This recipe makes 21 (3 oz) rolls or 2 large loaves of bread. Feel free to improvise on shape and size of rolls, adjusting your bak