Garlic crop, 2013

A break from baking and cooking, these are photos of the GoldStone Farm Garlic Crop, 2013 - exciting for us because last year we found out that we are battling "white rot" - a fungus that attacks alliums (including allium flowers, garlic, onions, leeks, shallots).  Although we picked edible sickly looking garlic last year it was disconcerting to know that those particular beds would be infected for years to come. The garlic crop was rotated this year, we don't have many places to go in the garden, but the plants were beautiful.  It might be related to the warming trend in zone 6, I harvested a week or so early this year. These garlic were picked 15 minutes before I took the photos. For non-gardeners, this is really how garlic looks when it's pulled from the ground.

Most of the garlic we grow is a variety called "Georgian Fire."  Georgia the country, not the state.


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