Blueberry- Lemonade Sorbet (non-dairy- vegan- frozen dessert)

Our garden "boasts" small amounts of strawberries of all sorts (including yellow alpine strawberries) and blackberries. Living in a blueberry growing/exporting state we believed that it would be easy for us to grow them. We found that we can't grow blueberries due to the gorgeous towering black walnut trees that are scattered throughout the yard- the jugulone, a chemical released by walnut trees, is lethal to blueberries among a number of other plants . After the death of several blueberry bushes we moved on and resolved to buy berries, using them fresh in the summer and keeping several pints frozen for baking later on during the year.

Last year I received a Cuisinart "Frozen Yogurt-Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker."  It was fun to experiment with last year, but this year, as I've begun to understand the process of making frozen desserts, I'm making more use of it.

This sorbet has become a favorite in the few short weeks that blueberries have been in season. My usually enthusiastic taste-testers thought it a waste of time to make a non-dairy sorbet when they'd rather have blueberry ice cream; however,  there was sheepish approval from Eli once he tasted the finished product.

This recipe makes approximately a quart and a half of really delicious blueberry-lemonade sorbet (if I do say so myself).

mixing bowls
measuring spoons, cups
food processor or blender
Ice cream maker (or hand whisk to whip the sorbet when at the slushy stage)

1 1/2 pint blueberries, washed
3/4 c granulated sugar (you can use "Splenda for baking" at the correct proportion to sugar)
3/4 c water
1/4 c lemon juice
6 oz unsweetened, unflavored coconut milk (I use a brand purchased in small "tetra briks"- the long life non-refrigerated cartons)
2 Tbsp vodka (optional)

You can make this fabulous dessert in 10 easy steps: 
1. Combine fresh blueberries with  sugar, water and lemon juice in a non-reactive pan. You are making a flavored simple syrup (lemonade!).
2. Briefly heat the mixture to pop open the berries
3. Cool for 10 minutes or so, pour into the work bowl of a food processor (or blender), cover and whirl for less than a minute. You'll have a liquid puree.
4. Pour into a freezer safe container and cool in the freezer
5.  When the mixture has cooled down (about 25 minutes), add a six ounce container of unsweetened/non-flavored coconut milk to the mixture.
6. Shake or mix manually, cool again in the freezer (for approximately 30- 40 minutes) and pour into the frozen container of the ice cream maker. ***
7. Churn according to the manufacturer's instructions
8. Add the vodka (optional) and churn for another minute or two. The addition of the vodka will help the mixture from becoming rock-hard in your freezer.
9. Pour the semi-frozen mixture into a storage container and freeze. The sorbet will be the consistency of a thick slushy when removed from the ice cream maker (delicious at that stage) and will become scoopable in your freezer after about 90 minutes
10. Enjoy a scoop (before there is none left)

*** If you are preparing the sorbet without an ice cream maker: freeze the mixture until slushy, hand whip with a wire whisk to break up any clumps and freeze until the sorbet is very thick.  You can add the vodka if you wish, mix again and freeze until it is as firm as you desire.

This is an incredibly easy dessert to make: 


Step 2 

Steps 3-4 

Step 5 

Step 6

Step 7 

Steps 8-9 

Step 10


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