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Apricot-Cinnamon Babka Ring

Back to the basics of this blog: yeast risen cake.   This pareve (non-dairy) babka recipe is adapted from   Inside the Jewish Bakery by Ginsberg and Berg  I wouldn't recommend that this babka be the first yeast cake you try to bake, it takes some skill and patience. The recipe is not for those times you want to start and finish in one evening, although you can break down the component parts and make the project manageable over a couple of days. The completed, unrolled dough can be frozen for later use. So...for the novice yeast baker, try a traditional bread first (take a look at my challah recipe), then at some later point, challenge yourself and make this absolutely delicious babka. Some notes about babka that I did not make on the Chocolate Babka post: Babka refers to an Eastern European pastry which is leavened with yeast and  is usually rich and sweet, although savory versions also exist, some which also include meat. Jewish babka is sweet, often filled with eit

Cranberry-Nut Muffins (or mini-loaf)

Sour cream-walnut cake with a cranberry filling. This sounds a bit like Thanksgiving, even though it's Spring at GoldStone Farms. Thank you to my friend Shelley, an excellent home baker, for sharing a baking evening with me! These muffins / mini loaves were the results of a cooperative venture, and of course, while we were making the batter Shelley discussed her excellent dairy desserts, including ice cream cakes and Baked Alaska. I'll admit that sometimes there is nothing like baking with dairy products. This recipe is adapted from Molly O'Neill's New York Cookbook (Workman Publishing).  I originally made this cake in the 1990's and at that time tried (successfully) to make it with a skim milk/ buttermilk combination or yogurt rather than sour cream.  Shelley and I disregarded the fat concern partially last night by creating the cake with reduced-fat sour cream.  The cake is delicious, I don't think using full fat sour cream will change it remarkably