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Chocolate-Coconut Gluten Free Cupcakes (kosher for Passover)

Chocolate-Coconut  Gluten & Dairy Free Cupcakes Passover continues, we're all surviving, although we're also eating more than our share of sweets. This cupcake, with any luck, will make an appearance on M&L's Cupcakes & Curry Menu . E, you may complain about Passover dietary restrictions, but you look like you are OK with the cupcakes (and the brownies, and the macaroons, and the chocolate chip cookies....) .  The batter for this dessert is a bit thicker than the gluten free brownie I have posted. The batter, which is made with six beaten egg whites, rises in the cupcake paper and remains high in the center, unlike many Passover cakes. The dough is sprinkled with grated coconut or ground nuts before baking.  As is the technique for many Passover cakes, the eggs need to be separated, the whites need to be beaten until stiff and finely ground nuts (almonds or walnuts) are used in place of flour.  Ingredients:  7 oz bittersweet chocola

Gluten Free Brownies (kosher for Passover)

Brownies  (Made with tree nuts, gluten free, kosher for Passover)  I've noticed that the Haroset Cookie Bars posting has had a number of "hits" this week, perhaps because Passover is coming.  While the Haroset (which is fabulous) IS KOSHER for Passover, the cookie bar itself IS NOT. These are the brownies we make for Passover. Adam and I worked on the recipe several years ago, modifying serveral other recipes we read and using olive oil instead of the horrible kosher for Passover margarine. For those unfamiliar with Passover baking, yeast is forbidden, leavening agents are either beaten egg whites or baking powder that is marked " kosher for Passover ."  There is no matzah meal in this recipe; therefore, Mikah will tell you they do not have the "Passover taste," (a negative taste in her book).  To those who are concerned, this recipe is "non-gebrochts." Because I actually baked this batch before Passover, I used Dominoes sugar

Honey Cracked Wheat Terrine Bread (vegetarian)

Honey Cracked Wheat Terrine Bread (vegetarian version)  Eli, this bread is for you: it's a partial whole wheat bread that can be stuffed with practically anything. You can let your imagination go wild. This version is vegetarian, but I'll have a meat-fruit version uploaded in a separate posting.  A terrine is usually a stacked vegetable, pate or chopped meat combination that is pressed into a loaf shape and served by the slice.  A number of years ago Fred and I visited the Chicago Botanical Garden and sat through a fabulous cooking demonstration in the vegetable garden. The local celebrity chef demonstrated the ease in which we could whip up beautiful vegetable terrines. The process of making the terrine is interesting, but I'm more interested in working with yeast - and so this bread is a merging of the two techniques- a modified vegetable or meat/fruit or cheese/vegetable stack.  When I lived in Manila the "ladies" would ofte

Viennese Style Fruit Tart (Pareve)

This fruit tart is as easy to make as pizza. Since I made it in mid winter the fruit I used (and in the photo) is canned. Although delicious, it will be even better with fresh summer fruit.  Most of the Viennese recipes I read use fresh prune-plums, however for the tart pictured here I used canned plums and peach slices. Like most of my baking, I have made this version pareve (non-dairy).  I keep thinking that there might be a way to modify this to create a Passover version. The tart is four layers of ingredients: the dough base, warmed jam, a layer of fruit and a layer of crumble topping. The fruit and crumble should be prepared while the dough is rising.  The assembled cake is baked on a baking or cookie sheet.  This cake can be made start to finish in under 3 hours (which, to me, means one evening). Dough:  11 oz all purpose flour .5 oz instant yeast (I used SAF gold, meant for "sweet dough") - approximately 1 scant Tbsp yeast pinch kosher salt  3 egg yolks